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If you are looking for the Its So Very Cheri site-We recently moved our Blog from Blogger to its own site.  Go toIts So Very Cheri and sign in there. Eventually she will add this blog into her new website as well.
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Monday, August 10, 2009


Its So Very Cheri 2 OUR FAVORITE THINGS was created to showcase the talents of both Ken and Cheri Peoples and who knows, we may have some special additions from the G-force (otherwise known as our 4 adorable kids). Ken enjoys time with his children, teaching them a variety of new skills. He has a background in sales management. He was a sales rep for a high tech photography lab-gaining the knowledge of true color coding, as well as working as a sales rep in advertising. He recently finished courses for computer programming and is currently finishing up classes to get his PMP certification. He is looking forward to getting his resume out and getting back into the work force, enjoying his career path, rather than studying in all of his spare time.

Cheri has a background in interior decorating, and before children worked in marketing and sales training management. She is the mother of 4, home schools the 2 oldest children as well as her motherly/wife duties-basically, you name it, she does it---WELL, she doesn't change the oil and she doesn't do the yard work. Ken and the boys enjoy that time together mowing, edging and working with motorized machinery that makes noise.

Its So Very Cheri will also feature some items of her parents. Her father is a retired artist with a background in advertising and then worked and retired from Hallmark Cards. He continues to do art in his spare time. Her mother enjoys photography as well. They are the proud grandparents of the 6 most amazing grand kids ever.

Since OUR FAVORITE THINGS are not limited to only our family, we would like to have special debuts where we show other things that meet our standard of excellence. It might be a company that makes an amazing BBQ sauce (and we know BBQ. We are from KC and they have some amazing BBQ places), or it could be someone who wrote a book. It might be a game system, kitchen appliance, or special craft tool that makes projects so much easier OR it could be a special product hand made by YOU. If you would like us to take a look at your product, give a review of it and feature it on Its So Very Cheri 2 contact Cheri at cheri.peoples@live.com If you would like to donate a 2nd item as a GIVE AWAY, we will offer it on Its So Very Cheri and link people back over here to take a look at what we are showcasing and how to get in touch with you to purchase your products. We will be fair and honest about the products we put on here. If the product involves children we will have our children (ages 2, 4, 11 & 12) use the products and give their opinions, as well. We are looking into podcasting so you can see the items in a video review rather than just pictures.

If you would like to have your company featured, please send an e-mail to Cheri at cheri.peoples@live.com

Continue to check back as we will continue to add additional items and I'm sure we will have additional welcomes and updates.

Friday, July 31, 2009

This area has 4 sections Sunsets/Sunrises**Beach Life**Nautical Lights**Nautical Gear

Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the photography and if there is anything we can do for you please don't hesitate to send up an e-mail. We will continue to add new items so keep checking back.

Each of these shots were shot by Ken or Cheri Peoples and prints are available for purchase. Want a better look? Just click on the photo and it will enlarge the picture. Some items come in just one media, while others come in a variety, depending on which ones, we feel show the pieces in the best manner. Each photograph is printed on high quality lustre paper with a matte finish. Your print will come to you without the It's So Very Cheri watermark stamp, on it. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping is FREE on these items.

Sizes available:

4 x 6.....$8.00

5 x 7.....$12.00

8 x 10....$15.00

11 x 14...$18.00




This section is the Beach Life Area

flip flops-color

flip flops-b/w

flip flops-warm

3 fishing poles on the pier-color

3 fishing poles on the pier-b/w

3 fishing poles on the pier-sepia

Naples Pier-b/w






Yellow Shutter Beach House-color

Yellow Shutter Beach House-b/w

Beach Umbrella-color

Beach Ramp-color

Beach Ramp-b/w

Beach Ramp-sepia


This is the Beach Lights section:


Out To Sea-Color-cool tones

Out To Sea-color warm

Out To Sea-b/w 5-1

Out To Sea-sepia

Yellow light-color

Yellow light-b/w

Red Light-color

Red Light-b/w

Faded Red Light-color

Faded Red Light-b/w

Rusty Light-color

Rusty Light-b/w

Brown Light-color

Brown Light-b/w


This is the Nautical Gear area:






Tie the Knot-Color

Tie the Knot-B/W

Tie the Knot-Warm


Extra Propellers-color

Extra Propellers-b/w

Extra Propellers-warm















1/2 Throttle-color

1/2 Throttle-b/w

1/2 Throttle-sepia